Clarks Desert Boots – A Personal Story

Greetings, this is Joshua, and welcome to! Thanks for taking the time to visit. This site is devoted to the history, culture, and preservation of the Clarks Desert Boots.

Unlikely Inspiration

Sitting around with some friends one day, I told them all about how Youtube videos were the future. It would be best if you made some about things you are passionate about in life. To prove a point, I decided to make several, one of which included my beloved Clarks Desert Boots. From there, I’ve made several videos, including two more with these boots, and with almost 100k views under my belt, I’ve decided to build a website. Below you can see the videos that started it all.

Original Review

I hope you like the videos and if you are planning on purchasing the boots. I highly recommend Amazon. They offer free shipping on most things, and you can get Prime Shipping on the Clarks Desert Boots.