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Are the White Nubuck 1Clarks Boots true to size?

Yes. I’ve read multiple accounts of people being completely satisfied with their normal sizes. Personally, it was true to size for me.

Should I use regular shoe trees or boot trees?

Regular is fine since the leather upper stays up on its own without needing the support.

How water-resistant or waterproof are the Clarks Desert Boots?

Well, if you are in a small puddle, everything should be fine. I frequently wear mine on rainy days with no trouble. However, a flash flood or standing water above an inch and you are going to get wet, making these boots waterproof would add bulk to the lightweight design. In short, if you need waterproof, look elsewhere.

Is it fashionable to wear shorts with the Clarks Desert Boots?

Yes, it is physically possible, but probably would be better with Chinos and Jeans. There is a time and a place for everything. There are some outfits where this boot and shorts would make a great combination. It is your style; as the song says, “Express Yourself.”


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