Shoe Care


Everyday Care

1. Keep things clean

For leather if you get it dirty wipe it down with a damp cloth.  For suede use a brush to knock off the dust or dirt.  shoe tree 2

2. Don’t wear everyday

Rotate your shoes and boots to where you wear them every other day at most.  The shoes need the time in between to dry out and it helps preserve the boot.

3. Use Shoe Trees


The Clarks Desert Boots needs a good shoe tree to keep the shape of the boot preserved and to keep it dry.  With proper care these shoes can last you years.


Leather Care

When caring for your boots its important to remember that with proper care you will get a lot of life out your initial investment as well as an appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into each boot.  This guide will give you an overview of how to take care of the leather versions of Clarks Desert Boots.

saddle soap amazon

First off, a list of items you will need.


1x Saddle Soap

 1x Small amount of water

 1x Obenaufs Leather Protector or Sno-Seal

 1x Cleaning Cloth

obenaufs amazon

1x Newspaper (optional)



5-10 minutes per boot of working the leather

24-48 hrs of drying time.


First we are going to clean our boots with Saddle Soup.  Using a cleaning cloth, dampen the cloth and then rub the wet end into the Saddle Soup.  You want just enough water to lather the Saddle Soup. Then you want to work the Saddle Soap from the rag onto the leather allowing it to clean and rejuvenate the leather.  Nice even semi-circles are good enough to restore the condition of the leather and allow you to seal it later on.  Wet cloth, rub into Saddle Soap, rub into leather, repeat. Now allow this to dry on its own.  This might take a few hours. Time for some Obenaufs!  Take another cleaning cloth and go straight for the Obenaufs.  You want to get some on the cloth and then work it into the leather in small semi-circles again.  This will temporarily darken your leather.  It gives you a very wet look but don’t worry this will dry in time.  Cover the leather on the boot with Obenaufs and let the boots sit for 24-48 hours.


Video on Applying Obenauf’s Leather Protector